Statement about Institute For Regional Education & Fund For Change

The Institute for Regional Education is a tax-exempt, public foundation founded in Santa Fe in 1973. Since its inception, the Institute has been dedicated to promoting and providing information and resources – to the general public – which they would otherwise not receive.

Beginning with a major public-interest advertising campaign in 1974 (in conjunction with the American Civil Liberties Foundation), a major focus of the IRE has been public media and outreach. This has included everything from community-based video, to public art and sculpture displays, to creating and producing path-breaking films (which have, of course, led you to this website).

Another emphasis has been research, research consulting, and research training for non-profit and community-based groups, as well as for investigative and other journalists. Yet another has been to provide a wide range of technical assistance and support including fiscal sponsorship for a large number of IRE-related or autonomous projects throughout the region.

While the Institute frequently serves as formal and informal advisers to foundations and other donors both on issues and on potential grantees, the past few years have also seen the rapid growth of our role as managers of donated philanthropic funds. While still relatively small, we feel we have played a fairly unique and sensitive role in our region in facilitating philanthropic giving both in and outside the Southwest. Serving the needs of both donors and grantees has become one major focus of our not-for-profit activity.

We hope the above, selective overview has given you the sense and direction of our past and continuing work here at the Institute. Of course, much specific detail about our films can be found throughout this website.

We are very grateful for your interest in our work.

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